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*All banners include standard
Law Enforcement Belt Pouch.

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*Law Enforcement Products
will  only be shipped to verifiable law enforcement addresses.

The DSM (Don't Shoot Me) banner (patent pending) was designed by a SWAT Sergeant
with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience.


Security Banner for Crime Scene Identification

All Banners come with standard 3.5" Law Enforcement Belt Pouch for Deployment.

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Detective Option


DSM Safety Products Inc has now made that possible with the same simple technology that law enforcement agencies use. The Security version of the DSM Safety Banner is constructed of a Hi-Viz neon green material with highly reflective dark outlined letters “SECURITY” which is affixed to both sides of the banner so even if it gets twisted in deployment it will still offer the same highly visible and reflective lettering; the edges of each banner are also finished in the same highly reflective material. 

Originally designed for law enforcement officers, the designers of the DSM Safety Banner  thought, that trained non-uniformed Security Officers also deserved a way to immediately identify themselves if they became involved in a critical situation where uniformed officers response was imminent.

No one had ever considered a safe way for non-uniformed Security Officers to immediately identify themselves with 360 degree efficiency to responding law enforcement officers.  The DSM Safety Banner “Security” edition will also immediately identify your position of authority when directing citizens, other business employees or patrons to a safer location during a critical incident (e.g. hotel/casino/church/school evacuations).

*** DSM Safety Products LLC policy: The DSM Safety Banner will only be shipped to qualifying Law Enforcement and Security Personnel agencies.

Police Banners, Sheriff Banners, Michael Lessman, Safety Banners, Medical Banners Creator.
Products for Law Enforcement, LEOSA, Security, Medical & Detectives!

It's always a sad day when we lose one of our own, but when it is a blue on blue we have two casualties one physical and one psychological. The DSM Banner (patent pending) is a revolutionary, innovative, soon to be nationally recognized safety product designed to assist in identifying non-uniformed officers involved in a critical situation, giving the involved non-uniformed officer 360 degrees of visible, reflective identification, preventing tragic events associated with friendly fire of blue on blue shootings.  The DSM Safety Banner is currently the only officer safety product that is carried on your belt and utilizes one hand (support) deployment that give 360 degree visual identification.

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Police Banner Safety Award

The 2011 Cygnus Law Enforcement Innovation Award ceremony was held at the Metropolitan Club, high in the sky on the 66th Floor in the Willis Tower during the 2011 IACP Conference in Chicago.

The Cygnus Law Enforcement Group is comprised of the properties of Cygnus Business Media dedicated to law enforcement. These include Law Enforcement Technology, Law Enforcement Product News, Officer.com, Enforcement Expo and the brand new Officer World Expo.

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