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Critical Incident Identification Systems

On July 22, 2004 President Bush signed the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) into law… formerly known as HR218. Then again on Oct. 12, 2010 President Obama signed S1132 which was titled the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Improvement Act which became Public Law 110-272

These laws give current law enforcement officers and honorary law enforcement retirees the ability to carry concealed firearms in all 50 states.

In 2009 the DSM Safety Banner/Critical Incident Identification System was released into the Law Enforcement market. We have since won several innovation awards in the Officer Safety equipment arena.

A reoccurring concern from several retired officers was the possibility of being targeted for an impersonating charge in certain jurisdictions, after the critical incident was over and began asking for a retired version of the DSM Safety “POLICE” banner/Critical Incident Identification System.

For Retired Law Enforcement Officers
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With retirees moving away from their home law enforcement jurisdictions or just traveling about the country enjoying what they worked so hard for…The very real possibility that we may be forced to act to protect ourselves and family is every bit a reality as it is for the current off-duty law enforcement officers…. We have years of experience to complete the mission of survival…. But we now must be able to safely identify ourselves to responding uniformed law enforcement officers who just see an “old guy with a gun”....

The responding uniforms may only have the information that was given to them by dispatch relayed from onlookers/witnesses that may or may not report or even know the entirety of factual events that occurred, dispatch may become so overwhelmed with information that your plans of calling in your description is lost in the myriad of information coming into the dispatch center during a critical event.

We all remember calls we were given from dispatch that once we arrived onscene were entirely different from what we originally thought we were responding to… .

After several conversations with many noted police/law enforcement authors and attorney/advocates for the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act…… the “LEOSA” DSM Safety banner was conceived.

With more and more retired law enforcement officers carrying concealed around the country every year this is an area that we could make a difference before a tragedy occurs.

IMPORTANT: Now the security issues of how do we control these quasi-law enforcement banners, so that will only be available to honorably retired peace officers ….

Knowing Your Rights is as important as excercising them.

We ask that you provide a telephone number of the agency that issues your annual required LEOSA qualification card as per the LEOSA Improvement Act in our “Additional / Shipping Instructions Box … OR… after your order send us an email with a scanned copy of both your Agency Retired Identification Card + Annual Qualification Card to DSMSAFETY@AOL.COM with your order # referenced.

As per our company policy no DSM Safety Banner will be charged or shipped until verification is completed. Thanks for your cooperation in keeping this in the right hands…

Yours Truly….. Stay Safe… Be Dangerous even in Retirement

Retired SWAT Sgt.
Mike Lessman
DSM Safety Products LLC