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Police Banners, law enforcement identification, crime scene identification, Medical, Security, LEOSA and Sheriff Banners.
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Saving Lives, One Critical Incident at a Time - Sheriff, Police, Medical, LEOSA, Security, Detective, Pocket & New Products

Incident Safety, Banner Identification, Deployed Identification graphic.The DSM Safety Banner (also knows as a police sash, police undercover id, police active shooter id, police wallet, badge wallet, detective wallet, safety sash or safety sling is used for blue on blue shooting for active shooter identification, critical incident responses, school security gear, security identification, tactical team identification, rapid response identification and tactical medics. Undercover identification is tricky.Members of law enforcement, security staff, retired officers, tactical teams, undercover officers and medical staff strugle with how to quickly identify themselves at largely unfortunate events. As critical incident responses arise, absolute safety is paramount. Through use of easy to deploy safety banners (sling, sash, shooter id, tactical id's, undercover id's) identification is instant for Police, Detective, Sheriff, Medical, Security, Covert and LEOSA members.

Police Banners, Sheriff Banners, Michael Lessman, Safety Banners, Medical Banners Creator.

Safety Products for Law Enforcement, LEOSA, Sheriff, Medical and Security

It's always a sad day when we lose one of our own, but when it is a blue on blue we have two casualties one physical and one psychological. The DSM Banner (patent pending) is a revolutionary, innovative, soon to be nationally recognized safety product designed to assist in identifying non-uniformed officers involved in a critical situation, giving the involved non-uniformed officer 360 degrees of visible, reflective identification, preventing tragic events associated with friendly fire of blue on blue shootings.  The DSM Safety Banner is currently the only officer safety product that is carried on your belt and utilizes one hand (support) deployment that give 360 degree visual identification.

The DSM Safety Banner will assist in reducing:
  • Blue on Blue Shootings.
  • Tragic impacts to surviving officer/families/survivors of fallen officers.
  • Demoralization/Loss of Confidence of a law enforcement agency
  • Possible Litigation
The DSM safety banner has two distinct deployments...
1) Post-Critical Incident Deployment- putting the bad guy down, seeking cover, tactically reloading and deploying the DSM Safety Banner to identify yourself to arriving law enforcement units. (The gunfight finds you mode)  
2) Pre-Critical Incident Deployment - Before placing yourself into a critical incident, deploy your DSM Safety Banner so your not misidentified by possible law enforcement officers on scene already. (You find the gunfight mode)

Here's a quick scenario, In the early morning, you drop your child off at school, they’re waving as they enter the school’s doorway…. Moments later, as you’re walking to your vehicle you begin to hear gunshots coming from inside the school…… are you going to wait for the uniforms to arrive??…… I'm not… but now you have put yourself into a critical situation that may already have other officers on scene or arriving in the very near future…. How do you identify yourself, so that you’re not misidentified as the wacko shooting up the school. The DSM Safety Banner gives you the ability to clearly identify yourself to arriving uniforms so that your not mistakenly engaged….by friendly fire.  (example of Pre-Critical Incident Deployment)

With the above scenario in mind....... you begin to enter the school... you immediate hear more sounds of gunfire... as you come around the corner the below picture is what you observe....


   Our Safety Banners

Police Banner - High Visability Orange Police Banner - High Visability Green Sheriff Banner - High Visability Green Security Banner - High Visability Green Medical Banner - High Visability Green LEOSA Banner - High Visability Green

Hi-Viz Orange
w Belt Pouch

Hi-Viz Green

$32.99 w Belt Pouch

Hi-Viz Green
$32.99 w Belt Pouch

Hi-Viz Green

$32.99 w Belt Pouch

Hi-Viz Green
$32.99 w Belt Pouch

Hi-Viz Green
$32.99 w Belt Pouch


Police Banner Safety Sling Accessory Police Covert Banner Safety Sling Accessory Police Banner Detective Model Safety Sling Accessory

DSM Safety Sleeves
$19.99 per Sleeve (for single and three point)
$37.99 per Pair
(for two point and Go-Bags)

Pocket Model
Pocket Holder with a
DSM Safety Banner - $34.99

Hi-Viz Green Detective Model
Badge/ID Wallet Combo with a
DSM Safety Banner - $41.99

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Police Banner Safety Award

The 2011 Cygnus Law Enforcement Innovation Award ceremony was held at the Metropolitan Club, high in the sky on the 66th Floor in the Willis Tower during the 2011 IACP Conference in Chicago.

The Cygnus Law Enforcement Group is comprised of the properties of Cygnus Business Media dedicated to law enforcement. These include Law Enforcement Technology, Law Enforcement Product News, Officer.com, Enforcement Expo and the brand new Officer World Expo.

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