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Products for Concealed Carry Licensees (CCW)

Originally designed for law enforcement officers, the designers of the DSM Safety Banner  thought, that the American citizens also deserved a way to immediately identify themselves if they became involved in a critical situation where uniformed officers response was imminent.  No one had ever considered a safe way for legally armed citizens to identify themselves with 360 degree efficiency to responding law enforcement officers.
DSM Safety Products LLC has now made that possible with the same simple technology that law enforcement agencies use.   The CCW version of the DSM Safety Banner is constructed of a Hi-Viz neon green material with highly reflective letters “CCW” which is affixed to both sides of the banner so even if it gets twisted in deployment it will still offer the same highly visible and reflective lettering; the edges of each banner are also finished in the same highly reflective material. 
Citizens exercise their 2nd Amendment right to arm themselves so that can effectively protect themselves and their families against the evil that lurks within mankind, don’t we owe it to ourselves to ensure that after we survive the initial deadly encounter that we aren’t misidentified by responding officers and possibly engaged with deadly gunfire due to misidentification.  The DSM Safety Banner boldly states “I’m a legally armed citizen that has just been involved in a critical incident and I’m here to tell my story”.

To shorten the above paragraphs, The DSM Safety Banner is the most effective, caveman simple way to identify yourself to responding law enforcement officers after a critical situation.  At $31.99 a unit, it is some of the most inexpensive insurance you can find so that you’re not fatally misidentified.

For states that don't recognize the CCW acronyms..... our new "ARMED" safety banner will fit the bill, whether legally carrying concealed, or in your car, or keeping a gun at home for protection.  For when or if that critical incident occurs, after you've stopped the criminal, moved to cover, tactically reloaded......don't be misidentified by responding officers, show them you're a legally armed citizen that has been placed in a critical situation by deploying your DSM Safety banner.  

All Products Include New 2nd Generation Case